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Wednesday, 05 September 2007



Hello.  My name is Tommy Richards..... I know, DUH!  It is my page after all.  Anyway,   I am not going to say too much due to security and all.  Basically, I am your average Middle Aged Man with the whole family thing including a Grandson.  Inside the members area there will be plenty of information for family and friends but on the Public Side, it will be basic.


I am currently a manager in one of the tech departments of a state wide television agency.  I am currently or have been a...





Martial Arts Instructor  


 Image Computer Consultant
Biker  Image
 Image Grandfather





I have been very blessed to have done so much in the roughly 40 years I have walked this little globe of ours.  I am also extremely blessed to have the family and friends that I have around me.  Besides the stuff listed above, I also enjoy flying, sailing, speeding though the mountains and so much more.