"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enought to take everything you have" Thomas Jefferson


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What in the world are people thinking? Print
Written by Eric Batson   
Friday, 23 January 2009
I sit here tonight wondering what some people are thinking. Why in the world would we support the wholesale sell out of our souls? Are the people of America so un-Godly that they are blinded as Paul was before the Damascus Road transformation? Is the hatred for moral beliefs so great that we accept the murder of unborn children? The people of America spoke and thankfully I was a minority this past Presidential election. I do believe that the blood of millions of helpless babies will be on the hands of those who voted 'yes' to the newest administration and its blatent and even boistrous disregard for moral values that once made America great.

We have stooped to an all-time low in just a few days! The greatness of a man with very minor experience in leadership has become the symbol of the laughing stock of the world. The greatest generation gave sacrificially to give us the freedom of choice we enjoy today. The saddest part is that freedom to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is simply a faded memory. Each day this administration remains in power we will see these freedoms diminished and even totally done away with. Does anybody recognize what is happening?

Support for Israel will be done away with. Socialism is being embraced daily as we are forced to make everything equal for all classes. Let's take from the rich and give to the poor, depressed members of society, those who would rather receive a check than earn a check. Let's make a statement by ignoring the fact that sweat equity is still the best measure of our desire for success. Let's make everthing equal to everybody! Let's forget to reward those who deserve it, let's just give them what they want, not what they deserve.

Let's empower the elite of the elite by letting them control our mighty leader because he owes them for getting him to this glorious new status in the world. Let's have a complete disregard by giving our hard earned and already indebted coffers to the world for immoral and illegal purposes. Let's open up talks to those who would rather spit in our face then to look at us. Let's just write our military off by breaking what morale is left by filling its ranks with those who want to tell. For that fact, let's just do away with the military and accept the slogan"live and let live". We should be alright if we can make everybody like us right?

Who is awake to the fact that this is even going on? Most people that I know say "there is nothing we can do". That is absolute hog wash! We must stand up and voice our opinions against such Tom Foolery! We must join together to show the world that our HOPE is not in an inexperienced, smooth talker who is a pawn of the true leaders of the free world. We must let others know that it is not ok to bow down to this oppressive regeme that has taken control of our once glorious country. Those of us who truly care must band together and seek to present our case for what is truly right. We must show that each of us can make a difference and have a responsiblity to fulfill our duties to make this once great country strong again.

Each of us can make a difference! We can write blogs just like this one. We can research and seek to find new ways to achieve victory in areas of social justice. We can vote 'no' to the idea that we have no voice. We can pray for and continually seek devine intervention in our lives and for others. We must stand strong against laws and new legislation that will undermine the rights of those who can't defend themselves. We must stand firm against those in goverment that believe they do not have to listen to there constituents. We must wake up and be strong! We must fight to protect the Constitution and what it originally stood for. We must not give in to the belief that there is no absolute truth. We must understand that GOD really is in control!
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