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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

As I am sure that everyone knows, this is an election year.  Partisan politics are coming out of the wood work and it sickens me.  Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents... where will it end?  One of my nieces is studying government this year, as is Devin.  We have had some interesting discussions about politics and the differences between each party.  People keep asking me what I am.  Well, I AM AN AMERICAN! 

fYou see, I am an intelligent person.  I try to hide that fact and play dumb a lot.  I do not like to brag or show off or anything.  I usually keep quite and listen and learn.  OK, I am no so quite but I still listen and learn.  Over the last 40 years I have listened to family, friends, TV, radio, and personal appearances or meetings with politicians and candidates.  I have been fortunate enough to meet quit a few of them.  Most have one thing in common, they crave power.  It really doesn't matter if they are a democrat or a republican, most eventually crave power.  So, when I am asked, I say I am an American.  I do not align with any one party.  I look at the issues and use my mind and prayer to discern which person is the most truthful and holds the same values as I do.  For me, the republicans tend to be the closest to my core values... most of the time.  Not to say I will not ever vote for a democrat; but MOST of the democrats have lost their minds and push for what amounts to socialism and communism.  What I can not get is how people across this great country can't see that. 

I have come up with a few ideas as to why.  Most Americans seem to be lazy in their research.   They listen to a few people who can talk the talk and think to themselves, "that sounds good," then they leave it there.  They also listen to others who may or may not know what is actually going on.  Then they choose a side.  Americans are competitive.  When we choose a side, we will normally stick to it no matter what.  We have to save face so we can not admit when we are wrong.  This seems to be really obvious with the democrats that I know.  You see, I have several family members and friends that have always voted democrat... no matter who was running.  They vote that way because their parents, friends, and family have always voted that way.  They are democrats and no one is going to change their minds.  Recently, I asked 6 of these long standing, proud democrats about the issues.  I did not allow them to look at how their party or candidates stood.  I asked them in such a way as to get a honest response.  What I found was that on almost every issue, each persons answers to the questions directly opposed the democrats and their candidates views.  Their personal believes on the issues were mostly conservative and fell in line with what some (not all) of the republicans represent.  Of course, when I pointed this out to them, they got angry, defensive, told me that I was twisting the truth, putting words in their mouth, and all kinds of other junk.  How can that be?  They said they opposed abortion, gun control, tax funded insurance and other programs, higher taxes, illegal immigration, and more.  Over 90% of their combined views were in line with conservative views... yet they vote and insist they will continue to vote democrat even if their views directly oppose the party views.  What!?!  You read that right, they are going to vote for someone who does not believe what they believe, stand for what they stand for, and will actually try to destroy the freedoms that they cherish the most!  This is all because of party loyalty... I call it stupidity!  

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to an influential teacher from another part of this state.  She and I were talking about a lesson that I hoped to get through to my niece.  You see, I told her like I told my own kids... Do NOT take anything at face value from anyone.  Research the information and make your own educated decision.  In this case, we were talking politics.  I told her not to vote like me or her mother, or her father, or anyone else just because they say they are right.  She needs to research the issues and make an informed decision that is hers and hers alone.  Well, this prominent teacher laughed and told me that I was talking about her.  She could care less about the issues and actually does not know, or care, what ANY of the candidates stood for.  She voted on who she thought could "talk the best."  Her position is the Hillary will be best because she can talk and present herself well, and this teacher LOVES Bill so Hillary is her choice.  She knows that the Clinton's do not stand on the issues like she would, but she does not care... "Hillary is Charismatic and a woman and that is why I am voting for her."  WHAT!?!  That's right, a prominent educator in this state is voting not on issues, believes, or trust... but on the fact that Hillary can talk, she likes Bill, and Hillary is a woman!  I was sick to my stomach!  This is obviously why there are so many liberals are around... most do not even know what they are standing and fighting for.  They do not even know the destruction they bring on this country due to their laziness and stupidity!  They need to WAKE UP!

As I said earlier, I am an American.  I am a conservative because I can think and I see what is right and what is wrong.  I am not a republican, democrat, or a libertarian.  I am an AMERICAN.  It is time that others stood up and realized what they stand for.  It is time to stop partisanship and forget party lines!  It is time to do what is RIGHT for this country.  It is time for AMERICANS to be AMERICANS!

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