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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Originally created Jan. 28, 2008


Kyia and I finally made time for a little vacation.  OK, it was our anniversary and we took the opportunity to get away for a few days.  Boy, did we need it.  We decided to spend a few days in Savannah, GA.

You know we picked a weekend where the weather was bad.  The rain set in Friday evening and stayed around for all of Saturday.  On top of the rain, a cold front moved in and made it very cold with very cold rain.  Greenville even had snow that weekend.  Kyia and I were determined to now let the rain deter our plans.  We planned ahead and had our coats so all should be OK.  Well, it was... but it was still extremely cold compared to what we are used to.  We made the best of it and did things anyway, just got a little wet and cold.

Kyia and I kept going back and forth on where we were to stay.  I wanted Tybee and she wanted historic downtown.  As usual, she won.  She really wanted the riverfront so we booked a room through Daystar Travel at the Hyatt on the river. $$$  The thoughts were they are a little more expensive than others but hey, its the Hyatt and on the river.  Everything, except Tybee, was right there.  So, off we went to the Hyatt for the weekend.

The Hyatt was a bit of a surprise.  First off, they ONLY have valet parking.  That is a hidden extra charge that you have no choice in and was not included in the price.  OK, we check in and find that the room we have (very limited choice due to conventions and parties there) has a very nice view of the elevator lobby.  If we did not close all curtains, including the thick (night) curtain, people getting off of the elevator could see right in... as I hope the others figured out in their room across from us. (We say in theirs when we got off the elevator)  OK, we have one of the cheapest rooms so you get what you pay for. (BTW, it was not cheap by our standards!)  OK, most of the room was nice.  There were a few surprising issues that I would not have thought that the Hyatt would allow but nothing big.  You know, the room was nice anyway.  The hotel is located right on the river walk and it was nice.  The valet parking was convenient and made us feel privileged.  The hotel has two exits to the river walk so that was very convenient.  The Hyatt also had an indoor pool and a nice work out area... neither of which we had time to take in.  We spent some time there but most of the time was spent out and about.

Our first night we walked on the River Front and ate dinner at one of the tourist places there.  It was a nice evening even though it was a little cold.  We ate at one of the seafood restaurants  on the river and it was pretty good.  A little expensive but good.  From there we decided to drive through town a little and look around.  It was a nice drive and after a while we headed back.  All was great.

On Saturday morning we woke up to a cold rain.  Of course, we were back to the river walk and then out and about.  We headed out to the  parks and around town.  We drove by the parks and got out for a second or two and watched some men play rugby.  The rain started hard again so we drove around and found the "Forrest Gump" park and then headed out to Tybee.  When we got to Tybee it was getting close to lunch so we ate at this little touristy seafood place on the main road just has you make the hard right at the ocean.  I can say MacElwee's Seafood House has some of the best seafood I have ever had and I even liked the slaw (I normally HATE slaw).  It also has a lot of history.  I think I might have eaten there as a little boy.  I know it is beside the little convenient store we used to go to ALL of the time while vacationing on Tybee.  Anyway, while there it started to rain again pretty bad so afterwards we drove around a bit, got the lay of the land, and headed back.  That night we headed out to the locals area of town and ate at a normal steakhouse.  Then of course, back to the hotel for a marathon Toe jam and Earl game-fest.

Image On Sunday we got up to a clear but frigid day.  We went back to Forsyth Park and walked the entire park. Of course we took a few pictures but the bitter cold made it less enjoyable.  We were there for a while and decided to head to Tybee.  There we followed the area the we had visited on our honeymoon so many years before and also the areas that I vacationed at as a kid.  Things have changed around the island and it has grown so much.  Almost too much!  One of the houses I used to stay at was torn down and a new one was built and combined with the house next door creating a HUGE place.  (There is a picture of it in the gallery)  Kyia and I climbed one of the old batteries that is beside the old historic houses I stayed in.  They are selling these things and people are making them into some incredible homes.  Kyia and I explored in detail the one beside the old Garrett house and found that someone had once attempted to do so with it.  Pretty much all of the more modern stuff was gone.. some left over 50 or 60ish stuff there but not much.  Of course, it is for sell and we had many great ideas on how to make a NICE home on it ... if we had the money.  (pictures of that also in the gallery).  After we had our fun dreaming, we headed over to the pier.  This pier was added after our visit on our honeymoon and is right beside the hotel we stayed at.   It is a grand pier much like the one that was there in the early 1900 when Tybee was THE place to vacation on the east coast.   The bitter cold made for a short visit and we walked the beach some as well.  Getting towards the end of the night we were discussing on staying one more night on Tybee... but with the cold and all we desided to save it for a trip during warmer weather.  So back home we went.

Overall our trip was a LOT of fun.  The unusually cold and wet weather did dampen it a little, but nothing  too bad.  We had fun and was able to do a lot despite the weather.  Savannah and Tybee are awesome places to visit and we plan on visiting again soon.  Next time, it will be back on Tybee.  The Hyatt was nice but WAY over priced.

I hope you enjoyed my little blurb on the trip.  As always, there is more to come. 


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