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The United States of the Offended Print
Friday, 02 November 2007

The United States
of the Offended


"The United States of the Offended"  This is a phrase that I picked up from Robert D. Raford of the John Boy and Billy 'Big Show' on the radio several years ago.  Over the years, it has stuck in my mind and shot to the front of my thoughts each time I hear some whiney little wimp complaining about something completely off the mark; or someone taking offense to something someone said or did that really either did not refer to them or was not even close to what was meant.   

For years I have listened to the politically correct crowd spew all kind of junk from their twisted minds.  They take everyday things that most Americans agree on and twist it into something it is not to further their cause.  So many of these "ideals" are completely false to what they should truly stand for.  Because of this PC crowd, this country has started to look for reasons and even manufacture reasons to be offended by others.


There is a BIG problem with the PC group and actual racists around this country.  First off, all white people are not racist... no matter what the University of Delaware claims.  The "manual" that this university put out for their residence to be "indoctrinated" by was about the most racist thing I have read in a long time.  Racism is a problem in all races, not just whites.  Racism is a terrible thing that will continue to divide America until such radical racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stop spreading the hate that they are so famous for.

I live in a very historical southern town that was big in the slave trading industry back in the early days of this great country.  As such, there are a lot of minorities around here.  Of course, not only black people but also Hispanic and Orientals as well.  The biggest problem I see in this area is not the white supremacist (although they do their share), the biggest problem is with certain black people and their leaders feeding off of the ignorance of racism.  Their racist comments and actions cause more problems between the people of this country than anything.  Every time someone of color does not get their way, they seem to call out for Jackson or Sharpton to right the wrong.  Well, guess what!  At some point, everyone feels like they are not getting treated fairly!  It is not a color or race thing... it is a human thing.  Get over it!  The world does not "owe" anyone anything.  Whites do not "owe" blacks anything.  I do not know a single person living today that has ever owned a slave.  Sometimes I feel like I am being treated like one... but no one has owned others in this country for over 100 years.  Get over it!  Slavery was awful and sinful, but that was a LONG time ago.  Not only do I not know anyone who has ever owned a slave, I do not know anyone who was ever a slave as well.

I will delve deeper into the racism subject in another article soon.  For now, people of all colors and races need to come together; Forget the past; Forgive the wrongs; Live together to produce a better America without all of the hate.  Recognize the hate baiting racists like Jackson and Sharpton for what they are and tell them to take a hike!

Now, for the record, I am partially of European descent and partially of Native American Indian descent.  So, I am not someone who does not see it from different sides; I am someone who opened my eyes to see what nuts are doing to this county!

It's all about me 

Here is another problem that I see even in my own family.  Recently a family member heard someone speaking.  During this presentation, he mentioned that men of this country needed to band together.  Men of this country need to stop being wimps and stand up for what is right and good.  Well, he went on for a few minutes about how men in America were not real men anymore, and then went on to his next topic.  My family member heard a totally different message.  She heard him to say that men were superior to women; women are stupid; women can't do anything; men are everything, women are nothing.   WHAT!?!  I had to ask her, "Where did he say that?"  No where did he mention anything negative about women.  As a matter of fact, he did not mention women at all.  Since he did not mention it, she took it as he "hated" women.  Again... WHAT!?!  You see, she has been exposed to left wing liberals and feminists who have all but brainwashed her into some their crazy ideas.  She took something that was said and completely missed the point, then turned it into an attack on her and all women.  The truth is, there was no attack, there was a call for the men of this country to step up and be a man.  Never was there any anti-female comments, but because of liberal indoctrination, she heard her own version.  If you listen to the message, it is more an attack on weak minded men.

It would be OK if this was a rare thing.  Unfortunately, it is very common.  The PC crowd has made everyone in this county afraid to say anything for fear of offending someone.  Well, I learned as a little boy, you can please some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time.  The wonderful thing about this country is we all have the freedom to express ourselves.  The PC movement has attempted to take that away.  People of African descent get offended at the "N" word, at being called black, at being called colored, and many other things.... but only if it is said by a white person.  Again... WHAT!  Come on!  They change their mind on what is PC for them to be called and then guilt, pressure, and threaten this country until everyone adopts their latest whim.  The term "African American" is a prime example.  While I know there are some out there, I do not know any black people that have lived in or was born in Africa and then moved to America.  I have known several people from different countries in Africa but they were not Americans.  Anyway, I am getting off subject.  Blacks are not the only people.  This entire country has lost its mind with this political correctness junk.  Sports teams are being forced to change their mascots because of the fear that someone will be offended... or one person actually takes an irrational offense to the mascot and pitches a temper tantrum.  Well, take that spoiled kid out and spank his butt!  As mentioned earlier, I have a large amount American Indian blood in my veins.  When groups call themselves the Indians, redskins, or other names of the ilk, I am not offended... I might even go as far as to say I am flattered.  You see, I am not a wimpy little girly man who defines my self worth in a name.  No one is making a personal attack on me because they chose to call themselves the Indians.  Why should I be offended?  Why should they change their name?  Because it is PC!

How about this.  Some groups call themselves the devils.  Oh My!  I am a Christian so I should be offended?  Should they be required to change their names because I may be offended?  Oh yea, I forgot!  It doesn't matter if you offend Christians.  In truth, it is actually Politically Correct and cool to do so!  That is so ignorant.  As a Christian I do not support devil worship... however, I am not so puerile as to believe that because a team calls themselves “the devils,” they must worship Satan.  Should these teams be forced to change their name because it could offend one or two radical nut-jobs? 

When people say things, do things, and make things, there is not normally a hidden message that is meant to offend people.  Is that always the case?  Definitely not.  However, it is the exception to be wantonly attempting to offend and agitate people with normal activities; not the norm. 


The PC crowd wants the country to forget that this country was founded on religious principles and freedoms.  The radical PC movement is attempting to remove any reference to Christian beliefs from our government and public areas.  The facts are that our founding fathers put these things into the building of our country.  We should not be taking it out because of the fear that atheists, Muslims, gays, or others may take offense.  The facts are that this country was founded on Christian principles and beliefs.  If you are offended by this knowledge, maybe this is not the country for you.  The beliefs of the majority should not be infringed on by the beliefs or agendas of the very small minority.  The PC crowd wants this country to believe that the people that are "offended" are large but in actuality, it is quite small.  It is my belief that most are not actually offended but rather are using this as a means to further their cause.


This country has truly become "The United States of the Offended!"   Every group in the country has an agenda.  The truly radical groups use the Politically Correct movement to force people of this country to change, adapt, and support their cause... no matter how crazy it is.  Some Black's have used racism to force social programs and culture changes and that most blacks do not even agree with.  Homosexuals have used the word “hate” to force their unholy lifestyle on the rest of the descent people of this country in their continuing campaign to force acceptance of this abomination.  Muslims are now using the PC movement to allow them to recruit followers and terrorists in our county.  Radical environmentalists use it to force changes based on lies and misinformation to further their agenda.  Hollywood embraces all of these radical and dangerous groups and promotes them to the rest of the country.  Something has to change.

This country has to get its collective heads out of our collective butts and grow a pair!  We must stand up to these radical nut-jobs and tell them to get out.  We have a great country.  There are others in this world also.  If you do not like what we stand for, then by all means, please move to another country that more closely resembles your beliefs.  We do not want, or need your radical agendas to change who we are.  Logic dictates - the needs of the many out way the needs of the needs of the few, or the one.   So, how it is logical for a few nuts to force their will on the rest of us?  It is not.

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